The Hope Coalition

It Is a group formed by like minds and hearts to mobilize and allow the homeless community (of Pinal County) to have a place of respite and/or a means to lift themselves out of homelessness and poverty.  They strive to provide the shelter and means needed to help them do so, while continuing to provide for their needs while they are on the street and/or are in need. 

The Coalition was started to help solve the homeless issue in Eloy. The goal is to create a community for people that are facing homelessness or are experiencing homelessness currently. In Pinal County there is a large population of homeless veterans so we have a priority for the vets. We set up a 3 prong approach to help combat the problems of homelessness.

1. Temporary shelter (Camp Hope)

2.  Education and or rehabilitation (Fish Tape Ministries and NA/AA)

3. Permanent housing in a community (Hope Village)

We have been given the use of property from the ministerial alliance of Eloy to set up camp hope and start hope village and are currently working on getting permits to get this phase up and running.  We are also going to go out into the community and have the students do repairs to houses of people that are in need.  For example I have 2 members of my congregation that do not have running water in their homes and we would like to fix that for them. 

Eloy is a community of poverty and homelessness is defined as not having a roof over your head.  However, we look at it as just because you have the roof doesn't make it a home if you don't have running water or electricity.  Many in this town suffer from Houselessness, meaning they have the roof but really not a house. We are seeking funding for these projects as well.